The Nocerini Strategy Group has a proven track record of grant making success, with over $38 million in awards since January 2015.


We believe grant writing is a collaborative effort. We work with our clients to identify needs and grant opportunities and help them with the entire application process. Partnership is critical. The need must fit with the opportunity, and vice versa. An excellent project submitted to the wrong program is a waste of time and money.

We also believe that the best grants are those which tell two stories. The first story tells the world as it is, and the second tells of the world as it can be—what your organization does, and what it can do. In other words, the difference your project will make to your organization and to the wider world. A successful grant tells both stories in an engaging way.


Why an engaging way, some may ask? Simple. The more a grant can hold a reader’s attention, the more time we have to tell your organization’s story and the story of what they can do with grant assistance. The more time the reviewer spends reading what is and what can be, the greater the odds of an award letter.


Let us help you to make a difference!

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