Since 2015, we’ve helped our clients secure over $17 milion in grant funding. Among our many major grant successes are:


Public Safety 

  • Westland, Michigan Fire Department: $2,314,611 in SAFER Grant Funding from FEMA and assistance with grant extensions;
  • Wayne, Michigan Fire Department: $994,848 in SAFER Grant Funding from FEMA and assistance with grant extensions; 
  • Wayne, Michigan Fire Department: $380,000 in grant funding for 2 new ambulances through state and federal grant funds;  
  • Westland, Michigan Police Department: $108,944 in MSP-JAG Byrne Justice Grant funding for speed enforcement equipment

Transportation and Infrastructure

  • Woodhaven, Michigan: $1,200,000 in Transportation Alternatives Program funding for the construction of a pedestrian crossing over West Road at I-75; 
  • Wayne Michigan: $347,759 in funding for new LED lighting

Private Sector 

  • Worked with the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council to secure over $1.5 million dollars from the United States Department of Commerce so they can continue to operate their award-winning Minority Development Business Agency Business Center in Detroit, Michigan

Every grant award helps our clients to better serve their communities. Smaller in size, but not smaller in significance, among our other grant successes are:

  • Helping the Woodhaven, Michigan Police Department to secure a private foundation grant of more than $14,000 dollar grant to purchase an all-terrain vehicle for use at municipal events;
  • Writing two of the four Michigan State Police Juvenile-Focused Community Policing Byrne Justice Assistance Grant awards in the entire state—over $140,000 in funding for the Cities of Wayne and Westland to improve and expand on programming serving at-risk youth; and,
  • Securing $29,715 dollars in Assistance for Firefighters Grant Program funding from FEMA for the Wayne, Michigan Fire Department to upgrade and replace obsolete personal protective equipment.


Above and beyond all of our grant wins, we have helped our clients to earn accolades and honors including:

  • Working with the City of Westland, Michigan on their efforts to win the Michigan Municipal League’s Community Excellence Award. This is the most prestigious award that the Michigan Municipal League can bestow, and it is awarded through a multi-step process. We worked with Westland on all aspects of their award entry; and,
  • Helping the Westland Department of Housing and Community Development to win the Audrey Nelson Community Development Achievement Award from the National Community Development Association for their City’s transformation of a closed elementary school into the Jefferson-Barns Community Vitality Center.


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